Usher Brand Barrel Saddles

Usher Brand Line of Barrel Saddles is designed by 7 time Canadian Finalist and Olympic qualifier Joan Usher.

What sets this saddles apart is the hand carved seat and rigging allowing for a more balanced ride.


The Branded line is made with the finest materials Wicket & Craig Leather Usher Brand Silver and the best hard wear. our professionally designed tree has a 8yr warranty


If you want to ride like a champion Get Branded in this saddle.

Barrel Saddle UBBR-074 On sale

Usher Brand

Barrel Saddle UBBR-074

$3,895.00 $425,000.00

Barrel Saddle UBBR-065 On sale

Usher Brand

Barrel Saddle UBBR-065

$3,395.00 $3,995.00