Here at Usher Brand, we believe in family and tradition. The tradition of the brand was to mark your best horses and cattle. The brand was not only a mark to distinguish your herd from another, it was a mark of pride. As a ranch hand, you were proud to work for the brand. It stood for something more—it stood for family.

At the ranch, when we would bring in the herd for branding, all our family and friends would gather. It was a special time. That is what the brand meant to me.
The Usher Brand has been placed upon some top quarter horses that my family raised. It has always pleased me to see our brand on someone else’s champion horse.
This Western tradition was passed down to me and I wanted to feel that excitement to see our brand used and appreciated by someone who has worked hard to attain it. So we use our brand to signify the work and time spent to design and make quality Western products.
We brand only the best silver and leather goods that any champion or western enthusiast would be proud to own.
Clell Usher – President, Usher Brand